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Silky smooth legs are always in fashion. However, like the perfect look, they're not always so easy to pull off. It takes the right combination of shaving savvy and skin smarts to achieve radiant, look-at-me legs.

That's why Noxzema® Shaving offers the products you need to reveal silky smooth skin. From Triple Blade and Bikini Shavers to Shave Gels, you're sure to find smart shaving choices that fit your needs. Now your luminous legs are ready to step out in style.

womens shaving razors


Shave Away Stubble Trouble

Stubble can put a snag in your plans. When you need to make the move to smooth, try Noxzema Disposable Shavers.

These sensational shavers deliver a close, comfortable shave that will reveal radiantly smooth skin. After each use, your legs will be ready to “get up and glow”.


Retro looks are always in style. Take Noxzema® Premium Pivot Twin Blade Disposable Shavers. Twin Blades may seem “old school”, but these sensational shavers include modern features such as easy-glide blades and a curve-hugging pivoting head for a gentle, comfortable shave. They also have a soothing aloe vera moisture strip and an extra long handle with a no-slip rubber grip for enhanced control. Try Premium Pivot Twin Blade Shavers today and discover why twin is in!.

Stubble trouble got you down? Toss your troubles aside, because Noxzema® Super Smooth Triple Blade Disposable Shaver delivers a comfortable, close shave. And its soothing aloe vera strips moisturize to protect you from nicks and cuts, so you can say good-bye to stubborn shave spots. Looks like your legs won’t be the only thing glowing.

Rough, stubbly legs are as welcome as a call from your ex. Luckily, new Noxzema Spa Shave Disposable Shaver delivers a refreshingly clean, close shave resulting in lasting smoothness. It features 4 ultra-thin blades for incredible glide and easy rinsing and a curve-hugging pivoting head that easily follows the contours of your body. Its soothing aloe vera and shea butter strips moisturize and soothe your skin, while the long cushion grip handle provides enhanced comfort and control. Let 4-Blade technology reveal radiant, smooth skin and make stubble a thing of the past—just like your ex.

Noxzema’s most revolutionary advance in women’s shaving – Super Smooth 5-Blade Disposables. The big news – a revolutionary Perfect Pivot™ head that hugs a woman’s most delicate curves like never before. Unlike ordinary razors that just pivot up or down, Noxzema 5-Blade moves up, down, left and right – multiple directions for the ultimate in shaving closeness. With category defining performance, a woman’s legs, underarms and bikini area will stay soft, smooth and fresh-feeling longer. So you can shave less often! Noxzema makes shaving even easier (and more economical) with 5-Blades’ long-lasting, water-activated lubrication strips. With these hyper intense moisture strips (the technical term is hydrophilic), many women find they don’t even need a separate shave gel!
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Have your legs lost their luster?

You’re a multi-tasking, multi-faceted gal on the go. Whether your legs are rough, dry or just feeling “tired”, you need a shave gel line as diverse as you are.

Luckily, Noxzema Shaving offers a variety of great gels to fit your needs. Regardless of which one you use, your skin will feel so silky smooth afterwards you’ll want to kick up your heels.


Smooth legs are like a great first date—you wish they could last. Stop dreaming and start believing with Noxzema® Hair Minimizing Shave Gel. Infused with a refreshing cucumber melon fragrance, this gel is specially formulated with Capislow™ to help minimize hair regrowth and reduce shaving frequency. Plus it’s fortified with vitamin E and aloe to provide razor protection and minimize irritation, helping your legs and underarms stay smoother, longer. So you and your silky skin can glow on and on.

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Sensitive skin screams for special attention. That’s why Noxzema Sensitive Skin Shave Gel is specially formulated to reduce irritation while shaving. Its gentle, mild, fragrance-free formula is ideal for delicate places, such as the bikini area and underarms. And with aloe and vitamin E, this shave gel is formulated to help soften and soothe skin. Because sometimes sensitive types just need to be nurtured.
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Create a Pool-Perfect Bikini Line

Some things are just understood. You don’t sunbathe without sunscreen. You don’t swim without a suit. And you don’t hit the pool without perfecting your bikini line.

To avoid embarrassing slip-ups this summer, try the Noxzema Bikini lineup. You’ll find everything you need for the ultimate summer —swimsuit smooth skin.

shaving razors
shaving razors BIKINI SHAVER

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Like finding the right accessory to complete a great ensemble. To create your perfect summer look, try Noxzema Bikini Shaver. It has a mini-blade, that’s only 5/8” wide, for delicate bikini area trimming and a comb design with a protective skin guard to minimize irritation. Plus, its easy grip handle design provides confidence and control and its soothing aloe vera moisturizing pad delivers lubrication where you need it most. Now, you’ve got the ultimate summer accent – a pool perfect bikini line.
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Fine Tune Your Look

Whether you’re juggling deadlines and lunch dates or creating your unique, sassy style, you don’t miss a beat. But sometimes the devil is in the details, like a pesky stray hair that lessens your look.
Fortunately, Noxzema Shaving has great grooming accessories to help polish your appearance. Our Trimmers and Shapers will help you tame those harassing hairs and create a lasting look.

  shaving razors  
womens shaving razors
shaving razors
shaving razors EYEBROW SHAPER

Looking your best is a total body experience—from your head to your toes—and everywhere in between. Consider your eyebrows. Elegant, well-groomed eyebrows can enhance your look, while bushy brows can create an unkempt appearance. Luckily, Noxzema Eyebrow Shaper is specially designed to shape and style your eyebrows to achieve that “model-perfect” look. With a protective skin guard, this tiny razor is the easy way to safely (and painlessly!) trim and shape your brows. As an added bonus, it can also be used to remove unwanted hair on your face, neck, and bikini area. Your newly styled eyebrows are sure to get you noticed—and for all the right reasons!
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womens shaving razors
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